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Log Training is more than a set of tools. It is a fitness system embedded within a comprehensive conceptual framework. Nabard Fitness Systems may as well be synonymous with "offset handles." Whether it is Log Training, Shield Training, or any of the other conditioning regimens that belong to Nabard Fitness Systems, the essential feature is the way in which offset handles are exploited to achieve maximum results. And it is this discovery, the effectiveness of offset handles, that is Master Marco Safakhoo's innovative contribution to the fitness industry.

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Featuring 3 devices, each designed with purpose and function, Log Training is a system as capable as the human body. Get results and transform your body into the functional fighting machine it was meant to be. For personal use, in the gym, or as part of your retail collection. Sets starting at $399.00

NABARD Fitness Systems has created a complete and comprehensive package that addresses the most common needs of club owners, instructors, and members. The Log Training fitness program is the perfect combination of low maintenance affordable fitness devices with a program that is easy to teach, scientifically sound, and produces results.

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Attract and retain more members by offering the most unique and effective fitness program to hit the fitness industry.


Log Training Devices are more effective than traditional free weights because the off-center handles do not allow improper form. The custom handles are strategically placed to allow for safe maneuverability while preventing the body from retreating to its comfort zone. Therefore, each workout is challenging and effective.

LTD’s are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. In addition to availability in various weights and sizes, LTD’s also may be used with grip variations which make the workout more or less challenging, depending on the desired difficulty level.

The Ultimate Strength-Cardio Hybrid

Revolutionize the way you train. Log Training is all-inclusive; everything your body needs is incorporated within the regimen. One workout to improve all physical attributes; pick up a log to kick up your strength, endurance, flexibility, cardio-vascular health, balance, coordination, and mind/body connection.