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Becoming a certified Log Training instructor will help you stay on top of your game as you condition your body while leading others to health. All certification course-work is designed and approved by the creator of Log Training, Marco Safakhoo.

In this course, you will learn a combination of physical movements, leadership stances, and teaching skills. You will be prepared for the most common challenges instructors face and will emerge fully confident in your ability to safely instruct group or private Log Training classes.

Instructors are always looking for ways to make their classes fun and more challenging. This course is designed to offer the instructor as much freedom as possible without straying from the scientifically sound framework of Log Training. You will learn how to provide variety in your classes without compromising safety or the integrity of Log Training.

During training, you will review the design of Log Training devices and how each compliments human biomechanics. This will ensure you are prepared to advise your students about proper device use and the setting of fitness goals. You will practice the various body positions used and muscular ranges achieved throughout Log Training as well as learn proper cueing for technique and body position or equipment changes. Interactive discussions will take place regarding music selection and finding the appropriate tempo, rhythm, and intensity level of training. You will also be given guidance about designing classes for participants of various fitness levels to ensure that each of your students are fully engaged and thoroughly enjoy your classes.

Once all coursework has been completed, instructors will receive their personalized official Instructor Certificate. NABARD Fitness Systems requests that certifications be framed and displayed prominently within the training area. This practice gives members complete confidence in the authenticity of your Log Training classes. Additional or replacement copies of certifications may be purchased from NABARD Fitness Systems.

Instructor-level certification allows for instructors to teach either group or personal Log Training Sessions. Log Training instructors may not however certify others to teach Log Training; this is done only by Master-level instructors. If you wish to be able to certify others to teach Log Training, additional course work and training is required for certification and is available through NABARD Fitness Systems.

Instructor Qualifications

Log Training Instructors are required to complete coursework and apprentice under a Master Instructor Trainer as well as complete tri-annual continuing education coursework to maintain their certification. Log Trainers must be at least 18 years of age, certified in CPR, and must maintain optimum physical fitness.

LEVEL 1 INSTRUCTORS- have participated in 3 hours of intensive classroom training outlining the importance of the rhythmic and isotonic movements of Log Training. In addition, they have completed at least 4 hours of participation and observation as apprentice instructors to Marco Safakhoo, the creator of Log Training and practice teaching. They have passed rigorous written and practical exams including at least one hour of supervised group leader. They are certified to teach essential and intermediate exercises.

LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTORS- have completed additional hours of coursework and examinations beyond level 1. They are certified to teach Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level exercises. In addition, Level 2 Instructors have completed a course in teaching individuals with special cases of injuries, disease, or other physical limitations.

Why should you become a log training instructor?

We are capable of a wide and nearly limitless range of motion. Therefore, any true fitness regimen must be just as capable as the human body. Log training is designed to be a fitness system which uses each muscle, tendon, and joint to its complete capacity.

With Log Training, you will transform your body into the functional machine it was meant to be. By choosing to become Log Training certified you are on the forefront of a revolution in the fitness industry. You have elected to introduce your community to a novel approach to personal fitness, and in doing so you distinguish yourself form others by showing you have a progressive attitude towards fitness.

You will have the opportunity to meet, train, and discuss your potential future in the fitness industry. You will be among the first generation who receives training and instructional certification credentials directly from the creator of Log Training. This gives you a highly credible advantage when it comes to presenting your credentials for potential employment.

Nabard Fitness Systems is the only nationally recognized professional organization providing Log Training courses and equipment to health professionals.

Our Log Training course is designed to teach  Log Training movements with respect to the multi-dimensional aspect of the human ability.

Become a Nabard-certified Log Trainer and condition your body while challenging others.

Certification only available through the original creator of Log Training, Marco Safakhoo.  Safakhoo's Log Training Certification Course Will Teach You:

  • A combination of physical abilities, leadership, and teaching skills.

  • To safely instruct Log Training and meet the challenges instructors face.

  • To evaluate and motivate students based on individual potential.

  • To gain maximum potential by understanding human bio-mechanics.

  • The secret behind rhythmic and isotonic movements.

  • To lead group or individual Log Training sessions.
Certification is only available through Nabard Fitness Systems created by Marco Safakhoo.

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