Demand results through offset handle training

Safakhoo's Concept

Martial Fitness For Martial Athletes


The above moves illustrate one
example of Martial Logs moves.

"The central feature of log training, the source of its novelty, is the way it which it exploits offset handles to create unique resistance."

Log Training successfully integrates scientific-theory and Safakhoo's bio-techniques into a rhythmic and isotonic regimen which exploits human ability. Log Training is the ultimate cardio-strength training hybrid; it forces muscles to rapid-fire throughout the series of isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic rhythmic-rotations.

Constant resistance is created due to the angle of muscle-force relative to the distorted gravity produced by the off-set handles. To stabilize the log's weight while enduring constant-resistance, agonists (prime movers), antagonists, stabilizers and assistor muscles must all be engaged. In this way, the entire body is forced to participate in each of the 250 movement patterns of Log Training.

"No matter how much training you have done in the past, I guarantee that with Log Training , your body will experience a workout as capable and as powerful as you are! Each time you Log Train, your body will discover something new and invigorating." -Safakhoo

The Log Training exercise regimen is specifically designed to work stabilizing muscles. The thought here being that any athlete is as good as his stabilizing muscles are developed. For example, the weight lifter requires strong stabilizing muscles to maintain balance, the hockey player engages stabilizing muscles when he strikes the puck in order to keep the stick under control, and the same for the golfer: well developed stabilizing muscles keep the athlete from throwing his or her body with the device. Now let us consider the combat athlete in particular.

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Safakhoo coined the name "Martial Logs" to describe Log Training moves associated with martial arts training, specifically those preformed with an opponent. Martial Logs movements focus on honing the body's ability to perform common motions of combat. For a strike, whether it is a punch or a kick, to be effective, it must be under absolute control. Unless the striking arm or leg is under control, the body will be pulled in the direction of the strike, throwing the body off balance. When striking with the fist, for example, one must be able to strike through the opponent and withdraw the arm quickly, and the same goes for the legs and kicks.


It is the stabilizing muscles that are engaged in controlling these strikes. Blocks, too, require control from stabilizing muscles, especially in a martial art like Nabard where strikes and blocks are interchangeable. A skilled combat athlete should be able to strike in any direction; hence, the combat athlete requires an exercise regimen and device that can accommodate the entire range of motions so that maneuvers in any direction are controlled, rapid, and strong. Existing widely available exercise tools do not meet these demands. Log Training Devices, on the other hand, were designed for the combat athlete and this is evident in their construction and in the particular exercises.

While there is always a risk of injury associated with exercise, Log Training Devices are much more forgiving than free weights since typically one uses lighter weights in Log Training exercises than one uses in typical dumbbell exercises; this is because the focus is on developing the stabilizing muscles and muscle groups employed in combat techniques, such as contorting dodges which demand considerable abdominal strength and speed. Additionally, ballistic motions are not emphasized in Log Training, which helps

Martial Art Roots of Log Training

Safakhoo originally designed Log Training as a practical solution to the dynamic fitness needs of martial artists. NABARD, Safakhoo's martial art is a demanding combat system, which requires participants to be able to adapt at any angle, various interchanging block, strikes, grabs, and throws. These rigorous demands require training which encompasses series of isotonic, isometric, and isokinetic movements; all of which are essential to the needs of martial athletes. Safakhoo fused these elements into the fluid rhythmic fitness regimen called Log Training.


Log Training for the Martial-Athlete

In the beginning, Log Training was incorporated into NABARD's training schedule. Over time Log Training became more focused and further refined. The benefits of Log Training quickly became apparent to non-martial artists of all walks of life. Due to increasing public demand, Safakhoo opened to doors for anyone seeking a unique and specialized training system.

Although Log Training has become independent of its martial arts roots, it is still the primary conditioning regimen of the NABARD Combat System.

As previously stated, Safakhoo's concept of Log Training was inspired by the needs of his martial-art students. Successful implementation of NABARD's combat strategies requires the performer to move quickly and forcefully yet with grace and skill. Therefore, each movement of Log Training mimics a specific combat strategy in NABARD. The following illustrations provide examples of the correlation between martial art movements and Log Training movements.

Pro Boxer Billy "The Kid" Lewis during a Log Training workout.


If you are interested in more information about Safakhoo's Art of Nabard, please visit the Nabard website