Challenge Your Body With Nabard's Offset Handle Concept



We are capable of a nearly limitless range of motion, any truly effective fitness regimen must be as capable as the human body. -Master Safakhoo






By Offering Log Training in Your Gym, You Offer Your Members:

  • Raw Functional Fitness

  • Spherical Range of Motion

  • Unique Off-Center Custom Grips

  • Target specific muscles while engaging assistor muscles

  • Using entire body throughout movement patterns

  • Constant Rotational Force Resistance

  • Strength- Cardio Hybrid

  • Deliberate Rhythmic and Isotonic Movements

  • Minimum Device Complication- Maximum Benefits

  • Challenge your comfort Zone

  • Adapt to different Angles Of Muscle Force

  • Unlimited Maneuverability

  • Greater Physical Engagement ...
  • All Resulting In An Exceptional Workout!

    Challenge Your Gym- Members to a workout as capable as the human body.

    By Choosing to make Log Training an addition to your fitness options, you are on the forefront of a revolution the in the fitness industry.

    Once you elect to introduce your community to this novel approach to fitness, you will distinguish yourself from other gyms by showing you have a progressive, forward-thinking attitude toward exercise- that your club resists stagnation and is willing to evolve as advances in fitness technology, such as Log Training, emerge.

    Log Training is designed to be a fitness system which uses each muscle, tendon, and joint to its complete capacity.  Add Log Training to your club's curriculum and watch your members transform their bodies into the functional machines they were mean to be.

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    Certified Instructor and Personal Trainer Pete Curtis